Made For 4D

4th Quarter® is the natural choice for any 4D-based business system:

  • Shares with 4D a focus on middle-sized businesses.
  • Supports 4 built-in reporting tools: 3 created by us, plus 4D's own QuickReport editor.
  • Supports 2 third-party report writers: SuperReport Pro, and Crystal Reports.
  • Encapsulates table and method structures to simplify customization.
  • "Black box" methods make it easy to customize accounting tasks.
  • Available in three separate closed or open source code versions.
  • Object-oriented design supports merging with your 4D application.
  • Built-in developer tools for tuning, testing, and documenting.
  • Optimized for speed and reliability in a multi-user environment.
  • Pioneers a 4D Open system that simplifies connecting to other 4D applications.
  • Built-in code interpreter allows for one-off maintenance procedures in compiled applications.
  • Supports "SuperReport Pro", "Active 4D" web programming environment.
  • Fully open source code : a single component handles product registration.
  • Entirely native 4D code : requires no plug-ins.

4D's Choice

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4D, Inc. chose 4th Quarter to run their own business in spite of competitors' offers to supply them with free systems. 4D chose 4th Quarter for its:

  • Superior flexibility.
  • Meticulous standard of quality.
  • Sophisticated inventory, order management, reporting.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Powerful tools.
  • Support of ambitious customization
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Powerful use of 4D Open and SOAP.

Drop-In Accounting

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Integrate 4Q's 15 years of R&D into your existing 4D application with less than one week of programming. Extend your original application to a complete enterprise-wide, business accounting system.

Customize the resulting application to seamlessly inter-link your business to handle everything from reconciling your check book and minimizing your costs, to supporting your best customers and day-by-day tracking of your financial statements.


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4Q pioneers important advances in connectivity. Our connectivity model is so complete that 4D, Inc. has adopted it as its own internal design standard.

Our advanced 4D open system allows your 4D application to interact with 4Q through a single "gateway" that handles all basic account, transaction, customer, vendor, invoice and PO operations. Data access, integrity testing, and record updating are handled automatically.

4Q's connectivity strategy enables you to send data from your custom 4D application via 4D Open to a compiled version of 4th Quarter. Updating your version of 4Q only requires you to download our latest version. You are free to make changes to your application where ever, when ever, and however you want. And since you only need a license for the compiled version of 4Q, you save money.

Open Source

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Choose the system that best fits your strategy. We offer 3 open source code packages.

4Q Core provides "drop-in" accounting for any pre-existing 4D application. The Core supports all accounting tasks including AP, AR and financial reporting. Your application must provide support for customers, vendors, and inventory.

4Q Business extends 4Q Core by adding sales, purchasing, inventory, customers, and vendors. Select this option if the flexible 4Q Business system comes close to meeting your needs. Typical customizations include adding your own analysis and reporting, customer resource management, and manufacturing resource planning systems.


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4Q Applications:

  • Runs on the Microsoft XP, Vista, and Windows 7 series of operating systems, Apple's OS10.
  • CPU: Requires Pentium for Windows, PowerPC, or Intel for Mac.
  • Monitors: minimum 800x600 pixel screen resolution with 256 colors.
  • Memory requirements are 50 Mb or more for 4D client, and 50 Mb + 10 Mb/user for 4D Server.
  • Runs on 4D v2004 in stand-alone or client-server modes.
  • 4Q application is 40Mb.
  • Requires no plug-ins. The use of SuperReport Pro is optional.
  • Comprises 90 tables, 750 forms, 2,200 project methods, and 350,000 lines of code.

Client Requirements:

  • A database administrator to maintain the system and act as liaison with 4th Quarter technical support.
  • A signed license agreement if you want source code.


  • Level 100, 200, and 300 Training Manuals.
  • Separate User Manual, Administrator Manual, and API Manual.
  • 30+ Developer Tech Notes detailing program structures.
  • 20+ Developer White Papers discussing program architecture.

Training & Support:

  • Training classes are offered for users, administrators, and programmers.
  • Objective Systems, Inc. is available for custom system development .
  • 4Q support is offered on a prepaid, hourly basis.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

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