What Your Business Needs to Run 4th Quarter®:

- Multi-user computer network

4th Quarter works in conjunction with the 4th Dimension Client/ Server database, a database optimized for middle-sized business needs. 4Q will run on Windows, Mac, and mixed Windows/Mac networks.

- Database Administrator

We require that you have a DB Administrator. This person maintains the software, coordinates training, backs up the data, and keeps the network running smoothly.

- Finances for development, installation, training, and maintenance

The software cost of a 4Q system starts at $5,800. A comprehensive, fully customized system can cost $36,000 or more.

- Lead Time

Installation begins with a complete chart of accounts. You import basic data from your existing system, this includes the chart of accounts, customers, vendors and inventory. Currently active records, such as open invoices and purchase orders, can be imported through our APIs or entered by hand.

Set aside several weeks to train users in the operation of the 4th Quarter software.

Run your new software in parallel to your existing software for some period in order to verify that the systems agree.

What Size Business Benefits from 4th Quarter:

- $2 to $200 Million in Annual Sales

Our installations serve clients with sales in the range of $2 million to $200 million per year. The lower limit is set by the resources needed to support the system. The upper limit is set by the size and speed required of the computer system.

- 2 to 200 Simultaneous Users

4Q is delivered on platforms that support as few as two or as many as 200 simultaneous network users. 4Q can also be used in conjunction with other databases, and can be accessed through LANs, WANs, and over the internet.

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Why Your Business Should Choose 4th Quarter:

- Information Technology

Any business that benefits from information technology will benefit from 4th Quarter. 4Q offers superior automation of purchasing, sales, management accounting, manufacturing, or human resources. Our patents will change the future of business computing.

- Connectivity

4th Quarter can interact with other systems, written in other languages, using standard, built-in connectivity tools such as ODBC, SOAP, and XML. This enables you to share data between 4th Quarter and everything from Excel spread sheets to SQL-based systems.

- Out of The Box

4Q does not have to be customized. 4Q is easier and less expensive to install and maintain than any other software system. Our clients tell us that 4Q is the best computer accounting system they have ever used.

- Fits Your Needs Now…

4Q allows you to make inexpensive alterations that amplify your business' unique strengths. 4Q offers more, easier and more effective options for customization than any other program. 4Q custom options work with any type of business.

- … And Fits Your Needs Later

After the system has been customized and is in use, its patented design supports more extensive changes at less cost and with less impact on the existing system than any other software. If you're interested in customizing 4Q, then we can provide application development, direct you to outside contractors, or support your in-house programmer.

You know what you want . . .

we help you create it.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

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