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Our Company

Braided Matrix, Inc. develops and markets 4th Quarter® Accounting Solution (4Q), an integrated, multi-user accounting system for mid-sized businesses. 4Q embodies a new design to support technologies needed by contemporary businesses.

The Product

In 1989 Braided Matrix embarked on the 4th Quarter project to design a new kind of accounting system that would provide an foundation to support any business. The result, which embodies original concepts in database design, was awarded a US Patent in 1998.

4Q is the only system that separates business from accounting operations to provide a single, general purpose "accounting engine." 4Q can support any type of business, and any manner in which a business might evolve. Braided Matrix, our certified developers, can install 4Q Accounting to meet your needs without modifications to its core. 4th Quarter can run without modification as an "out of the box" accounting system.

We shape the way information is created and managed.

Braided Matrix, Inc.

The founder and President of Braided Matrix is Lincoln Stoller, Ph.D. has published articles on physics, statistics, linguistics, computer science, education, soaring, mountaineering and travel. Lincoln is an expert in 4D programming and business accounting. He earned his doctorate in Quantum physics in 1986 and holds the patents for 4th Quarter.

We are located in Shokan, NY, just around the corner from Woodstock, NY, the spot where the famous rock concert of 1968 did not happen... the 1968 rock concert took place in Bethel, NY, 60 miles away.

Voice (845) 657-6411. Our email address is information (at)

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