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4Q v 9.01 Released

New Verson Compatible with 4D v.12

4Q's latest version has eliminated the use of all subtables and runs under 4D v12.

4Q v8.8.3 Released

New Verson Supports SOAP

4Q's existing APIs and enlightened middleware for the support of 4D Open have been now been extended to support SOAP. The middleware interface, which provides both a full audit trail and enables resubmitting failed requests, supports both 4D Open and SOAP connections.

Also, SOAP's problematic synchronous structure, which froze the client until the requested task was complete, has been resolved: 4Q asynchronously handles requests to update the database. This entirely resolves the danger of losing the SOAP connection during delicate update operations. Documentation for our SOAP implementation can be found here.

4Q v8.6.19 Released

New Verson Stores Reconciliation History, Modification of Past, and Printing

4Q's latest version significantly extends handling of account reconciliation by storing all past reconciliation details, by enabling users to review and to change items reconciled in past periods, and by supporting the printing of reconciliation reports for all periods.

Objective Systems Representing 4Q at 4D Summit

4Q Represented by Objective Systems at 4D Summit

Objective Systems, providers of system integration and support for 4Q, will be at the 4D Summit conference in Memphis. Contact Joe Batts at (703) 486-0550 for information about 4th Quarter and to pick up one of our fliers.

4Q v8.6.16 Released

New Verson of 4Q Expands API Processing, Adds Features

4Q's Application Program Interface provides a comprehensive "middle-ware layer" that enables user's to issue a single call to test and create complex accounting records within 4Q. New admin features now allow the submitted task to either be executed immediately, or stored for processing in the future.

Other features include Admin settings for the level of duplicate record checking during customer and vendor entry, and a condensced method of specifying how credit card payments are to cover multiple A/P items.

4Q To Integrate with Dealership Software

Dealership Software Integrates 4Q

Dealership Software provides an enterprise system for the data management of truck fleet maintenance, leasing, and rental. Their software involves tracking hundreds of vehicles, hundreds of thousands of parts, asset and personnel records, work orders, legal regulations, and vendor and customer relations. And like all enterprise applications, this all needs to be tied in to the accounting journals and ledgers.

Dealership Software has adopted 4Q as the back-end accounting system for their software. The Dealership Software program will link to 4th Quarter through our standard API's. Their application will communicate with 4Q through the same mechanisms that we've been offering to you -- we don't need to make any change to 4Q to do this.

Dealership Software is located in Arlington, Virgina. For more information visit their web site at

4Q Website Upgraded

Extensive Revision Optimizes 4Q Website for Search Engine Ranking

4Q's web site, which previously employed frames, is now "frameless." This improves search engine ranking and pay-per-click advertizing.

MacroMedia "Flash" code, which handled the drop down menus, is replaced by Java script in order to make the site accessible to more users, also making it easier to modify and support.

We have updated all information on the site, restructured the About section, and added a new Investors section.

4Q v8.6.4 Released

New Verson of 4Q Extends API Support to Vendors and Purchase Orders

4Q's Application Program Interface has been extended to support vendors and purchase orders. Now you can use 4D Open to transfer vendor and purchase order information between 4Q and another 4D application. This is in addition to the customer, invoice, account, and transaction data managed by previous versions of our APIs. Also supported is the testing of instructions before they're submitted so that for automated systems can test commands before submitting them.

The new version also includes a rewritten inventory entry screen that now uses 4D v2004's new List Box control object, This provides new options to sort subsidiary items within the entry screen, such as keywords, bin numbers, alternative units, and assembly components.

4Q v.6.4 requires 4D v2004. All "flavors" of 4Q have been updated and the new versions are now available on our FTP site and are available to our clients.

IRS 1099 Reporting Added

All 25 Types of 1099 Expense Report Supported

Vendors in the Business and the Job Costing versions of 4Q can now be assigned any one of the 25 1099-categories. Each category has a user-modifiable threshold. The system will generate expense reports for selected vendors or vendors of a specific 1099 type. The report will include all indicated vendors, or only those for whom expenses exceed the threshold.

Users can locate vendors according to their 1099 type. The Administrator can add and delete 1099 categories in order to keep up with changes at the IRS.

These featues have been added to both 4Q v8.5.44, that runs 4D v2004, and 4Q v8.6, which runs 4D v2004.

4Q Admin Manual v2.3 Released

Update to 4Q Admin Manual Released

A new version of the 4Q Administrator's Manual, v2.3, has been uploaded to the downloads page of the 4th Quarter web site.

4Q v8.6.1 Released

New Version of 4th Quarter Runs on 4D v2004

We have updated 4th Quarter to run under 4D v2004. With this we've bumped the 4th Quarter version number up from 8.5 to 8.6. All version 8.6.x of 4th Quarter will have been converted to 4D's v2004 and will no longer run under 4D v2003.

We will continue to make the 8.5 series of 4th Quarter available for users running 4D v2003. We will install bug fixes into our latest 8.5 version when we discover bugs in that version. Our efforts will now turn to 4Q v8.6 and it's compatibility with 4D v2004.

v3 Users' Manual Released

4th Quarter Users' Manual v3, Now Available for Download

The new Users Manual is finished and available for download. Version 3 of the Users Manual documents all current features including the new interface plus the new areas of notes, price contracts, commissions, multiple currency, and warehouses. The text has increased by 50% to 800 pages, and the files size has increased 400% to 18 megs. This PDF manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

4Q v8.5.36 Released

4Q v8.05.36 Available for Download

PC and Mac demos are now available for new version 8 of 4th Quarter. The fully functioning, self-contained, single-user demos are available at http://www.4thquarter.com/Demo.

Product Announcments

Product Announcements Sent to 4D Users in US and Canada

Mailings are now going out to the 4th Dimension users in US and Canada announcing the features of 4th Quarter's latest version.

The mailing includes an attractive new flier highlighting 4th Quarter's unique options for deployment, and it latest features in asset management, reporting analysis, contract pricing, and order tracking. Click the following image to view a full-size version of the flier. Email us if you'd like to receive hard copies.

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