"The linking of our financial transactional code with 4th Quarter has been straightforward. Our accounting and executive teams are thrilled."

Floyd Zink, Vice President, IT, Q-Med Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"It is not often in the computer software world, or any other area of commerce actually (except, perhaps, FedEx), that a supplier can deliver when a customer say's 'I need it YESTERDAY!' "

Bill McHargue, IT Manager, Found Image Press, Inc., San Diego, CA

"I do most of the order entry in 4th Quarter. It makes my new position so much nicer! You can quote me! 4th Quarter is such a wonderful and easy to learn program!"

Tracy Roberts, 4D Customer Service, 4D, Inc., San Jose, CA

"I am really impressed with what you have done with the 4Q API. It is very well thought out and works very well. The API will allow me to integrate custom 4D database with a full featured accounting system, without having to develop/support the accounting system - bravo!"

Michael Ginsberg, MDG Computer Services, Inc., Bartlett, IL

"When 4D, Inc. began looking for an accounting system to replace our aging system we had several goal requirements. That the system handle all our accounting needs from inventory control to maintaining quotes for customers. That the system have a strong, yet flexible reporting system. That the system be relatively easy to integrate with a planned e-commerce solution. Finally, since we were the makers of 4D, if possible, the solution use 4D and that source code be available for specific modifications as necessary. 4th Quarter was the software we found that best met our goal requirements.

"Now, having implemented the first phase of our 4th Quarter plan. We have several unexpected and pleasant surprises as well. The reporting system is everything we had hoped for and more. Very powerful already but also easy to adapt to our specific wants and needs. Braided Matrix's technical support, when needed, was exemplary. Most surprising and greatly appreciated is the ease of finding and fixing mistakes in our data entry, even after the transaction is complete and posted. 4th Quarter is getting rave reviews from everyone at 4D, Inc."

Kent Wilbur, Manager Information Systems, 4D, Inc., San Jose, CA

"I prepare monthly financial's in 1/10 of the time that it used to take me. I used to have an accountant come in monthly to prepare these statements, but they are so easy to compile that I only have him come in Quarterly to review the monthlies I prepare myself.

"I am very happy with the software and the support is top notch."

Jim McCarthy, Midland Graphics, Marlborough, MA

"The 4Q Core system contains flexibility comparable to significantly more expensive packages. We have had great success in integrating 4th Quarter. Our new system was on-line and we were cutting checks in 2 weeks with little training."

Patrick Smith at Ehlert Tool Company, Inc., New Berlin, WI

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