Costs and License Fees — FAQ's

What does it cost to get started?

What is the price of a source code license?

What is required in order to add more users?

Some of our users don't perform any accounting functions. Do we need to purchase licenses for them too?

What is included in the purchase price?


What does it cost to get started?

The 2-user, nonmodifiable license is $6,100 for the Core product. In addition, you will need the 4D Server application (available separately).

In most cases you will need help moving existing data from your old accounting, inventory, and sales systems onto 4th Quarter®. Braided Matrix will support you at our current hourly rate. See our pricing page for details.

— What is the price of a source code license?

A source code license costs roughly three times the price of licensing the compiled application. In contrast, the price of the API-enabled versions run about 25% to 50% above the cost of the basic compiled versions. The open source prices are listed on our pricing page.

Many implemntation strategies that would require source code in other products can be accomplished using the 4Q API's. The API approach is appropriate in those cases where customization applies to areas outside of accounting, such as to customer, vendor, or inventory management. Source code is needed only when you needed to modify accounting procedures, or the way in which these procedures are processed by your business.

In addition to the higher cost, source code modificaiton lays on your designers significant responsibilities for the maintence of database integrity. It adds significantly to the effort of installing 4Q upgrades, a process which is effortless when making modifications to your own 4D-based application that communicates with 4Q using the API's.

— What is required in order to add more users?

To support more than 2 simultaneous users on 4D server you will need an additional user license from ACIUS for the server, and an additional user license from Braided Matrix for the 4th Quarter software.

4Q user licenses differ in cost depending on which product they're purchased for, and whether you purchase them on a per-user basis or on an unlimited user basis.

The per-user license for either the nonmodifiable or the source code version of the Core product is $350/user. An unlimited user license is also available for the Core product for $6,500. For the Full product the additional per-user cost is $500/user with an unlimited user license available for $9,500. These licenses are purchased on top of the original 2-user license supplied with each product.

— Some of our users don't perform any accounting functions. Do we need to purchase licenses for them too?

If you are running the Full version or your own custom application that includes the Core version, then the answer is "yes". Every user will have some affect on business assets and 4th Quarter will be handling this automatically.

If you have many users who need access to the business system for purposes of routine maintenance or simple data reference, then consider purchasing an unlimited user license.

If you have many users who will not need access to 4Q's integrated business system, then consider supporting them on a separate system without direct access to 4th Quarter's data system. Call Braided Matrix to find out how user's can get access to the data using exported data or the ACIUS 4D Open application.

What is included in the purchase price?

The license fee for the nonmodifiable versions includes:

  • A 2-user license
  • Free updates and upgrades for the first year and discounts on new products in that period.
  • Both Mac and PC versions of the software so that you can run on either or on both platforms.
  • Introductory 4Q support program that provides 5 hours of technical support to be used within 1 year.

Additional 4Q Upgrade Program, purchased after the first year, extends the offer of free upgrades, updates and new product discounts.

The source code licenses provide unlimited access to the 4th Quarter code and access to technical notes. Systems built through modification of the source code are still subject to the number of simultaneous users.

Clients who have incorporated the 4Q engine into their vertical market software and would like to resell their software can obtain reseller licenses. Contact us for details.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

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