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What is the difference between the Core, Core Plus and Business 4th Quarter® products?

What does the multi-currency module do?


— What is the difference between the Core, Core Plus and Business 4th Quarter® products?

The Core product provides high-level support for Cash, GL, Chart of Accounts, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Payroll Links, and Database Administration. It provides templates for recurring transaction as well as general journal and cash transaction entry screens.

The Core Plus product adds to the Core by providing Customer, Vendor and Sale Tax Rate files. The customer and vendor records are linked to the journals and general ledger of the Core package which means that when you create a customer or vendor they are automatically assigned all accounts necessary to immediately enter sales and purchase transactions.

The Business product includes the same functionality as the Core product in the accounting areas. In addition it provides a business management system for the entry and tracking of inventory, multilevel Bill of Materials, multiple warehouses, invoices and purchase orders, non-inventory sales, assembly and disassembly of items, sales reps, complex commission formula, and special pricing contracts for selected items and customers.

— What does the multi-currency module do?

4Q's multi-currency module enables you to maintain all account balances in two currencies: your native currency and any other currency that you've entered into the system. 4Q uses a dual-currency system to record all foreign currency amounts in your own currency at current exchange rates.This enables you to:

  • bill, pay, and collect funds in various other currencies
  • report revenues and expenses transacted in a foreign currency in both that and your native currency.

The multi-currency module supports an unlimited number of foreign currencies, and an unlimited number of exchange rates for each currency. Each exchange rate is date and time stamped. The system will use the exchange rate in effect at the time of the entry


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