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Does Braided Matrix provide support to 4th Quarter® end-users?

Does Braided Matrix provide developer support?

Can we get on-site support?

What kind of training is available?


Does Braided Matrix provide support to 4th Quarter® end-users?

We encourage end-users to support their local 4Q Developers. 4Q Developers main focus is on customizing, installation, and support of computer systems for specific industries. They tend to be more versed in the situations, problems, and the needs of their target markets. End-user support is also always available through Objective Systems. Contact us for details.

— Does Braided Matrix provide developer support?

Yes. Developer support is the job that we are retained to provide most often. 4th Quarter developer support, available to users who have licensed 4th Quarter source code, includes project design and management, design, consultation, training and custom programming.

When a custom system is developed based on 4th Quarter we are often called in to write those dozen or fewer elements of code that are required to link the core accounting functions with those functions supported by the user's own custom application. We have numerous developer notes on how to perform this integration and can easily explain to you the typical costs and responsibilities that are involved. Please call or write for details.

— Can we get on-site support?

Yes. On-site support is available on a contract basis through Objective Systems. Objective Systems offers training, IT consulting, and 4Q customization, and custom database programming.

What kind of training is available?

4Q Classroom Training:
Braided Matrix offers three levels of class-room training: Level 100 for end users, Level 200 for administrators, and Level 300 for programmers. Level 100 and 200 trainings are 2 days in duration, level 300 is 3 days. These classes are given around the US periodically. Cost is approximately $600/person. These classes can be brought to your site at a cost of approximately $1,800/day plus expenses.

4th Quarter Certified Developers can be contracted to come to your site to discuss your needs. Prices vary according to developer. Contact us to make arrangements.

4D University:
4D offers both on-line and classroom courses in how to administer your database. This covers topics such as setting up a 4D server, backing up your system, managing users, and installing upgrades. The classroom course is given periodically around the US, lasts 2 days, and costs about $600. Consult the 4D University web site for schedule of dates and prices.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

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