Mission Statement

We have developed 4th Quarter as a core component of next-generation business systems. Since that time the internet has made office automation a greater necessity for all businesses.

To fully realize profit from our technology standards must also advance to the point where executives can manage the processes in, and exploit the full benefit of computer systems that coordinate all important aspects of the business, that is "enterprise software". This has happen in large-sized businesses and is now penetrating the ranks of mid-sized companies.

To further this change, and to establish our role in satisfying emerging demands, we will continue to:

• Promote the 4th Quarter concept to vendors developing demand-driven products.

• Promote 4th Quarter to those markets where 4Q’s benefits are most easily obtained. This includes manufacturing, engineering, graphics, and media service industries.

We have successfully designed and delivered a better accounting system, an innovation that plays a crucial role in business automation. It has taken a large investment to make 4th Quarter a reality, and the resulting product is powerful. The benefits of using our software far outweigh those of trying to re-engineer the concept. We feel 4th Quarter Accounting will play a role in the important changes now under way in accounting software.