Market Opportunity

Braided Matrix has a long history of innovation and the trust of loyal customers around the country. Our headquarters and R&D are in the United States and we operate with a cost effective model of internationally out-sourcing to multiple locations. These multiple development locations, across a variety of business relationships, allow us to work on several development functions simultaneously and so reduce time-to-market.

The market opportunity for an investment partner is significant:

Revenue streams can be expanded through new and complementary products, customer segments, and expansion into global markets. Positive response underscores the market opportunity for innovative accounting solutions. The following are quotes are from our customers:

“We are a 10-million dollar international tool fabricator and have used 4th Quarter Accounting for the last 3 years. We find it to be unusually flexible and easy to use. … I haven't seen an application with the power and features of 4th Quarter for under $1,000,000.”
 — Patrick Smith, CFO
   Ehlert Tool Co.

“The unequaled flexibility we found in using 4th Quarter right out of the box meant we could forgo the cost and time that we would have otherwise had to spend on a ground-up custom solution.”
 — William B. McHargue, Chief Technical Geek & Staff Physicist
   Found Image Press

“We have found 4th Quarter Accounting to be the only truly customizable accounting system for the Mac. We find the interface to be very intuitive and the reporting capabilities to be unlimited.”
 — Jim McCarthy, CEO
   Midland Graphics Inc.

“4th Quarter has done a superb job handling all of our accounting needs from inventory and order management to reporting. We appreciate its flexibility, and are pleased with how well it has integrated with our online store. Thank you 4th Quarter!”
 — Brendan Coveney, President and CEO
   4D, Inc..

“We purchased the 4th Quarter Core Source code to integrate with our existing 4D business application. Merging the two code structures was fairly easy and the linking of our financial transactional code with 4th Quarter has been straightforward. Our accounting and executive teams are thrilled with the results.”
 — Floyd Zink, VP of Information Technologies
   Q-Med Corporation