4th Quarter® Accounting - Product Description

4th Quarter® Accounting Solution is a set of multi-user accounting applications designed for mid-sized businesses. All 4th Quarter products run "out of the box'' without modification, but are specially designed to support extensive customization.

The 4th Quarter Core system is based on our patented accounting engine. 4th Quarter is the first system to successfully separate business from accounting. 4th Quarter's Multi-Function Modular™ architecture provides five different levels of customization that offer you unrivaled power to modify rules and data to your particular needs. These distinct and separately supported levels are:

  • Developer, Administrator, and User level reconfiguration through the Graphical User Interface.
  • API's and Administration tools supporting access to 4Q by other systems through 4D Open.
  • Source Code API's and toolbox of programming hooks for custom queries and reports.

4th Quarter's technology provides levels of unequalled control and flexibility.


4th Quarter runs on MacOS and Windows computer networks and in mixed platform configurations. All versions support powerful Administrator tools for the control of user access to the system.

It is written in the 4th Dimension™ (4D) language. 4D is a 4th generation programming language that is unique in providing true client/server technology optimized for desktop systems. Server software and development tools are licensed by 4D Inc .

Refer to the documents 4Q Product Description and 4Q Specifications for additional details.

Product Versions

4th Quarter is licensed in Core or Businss forms. Products may be licensed in either configurable form as compiled applications, or in a fully modifiable and compilable source code format.

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4Q Core

4Q Core provides general, back-office accounting services that include:

  • Cash
  • Journals (Income, Expense, Cash, etc.)
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Financial Reporting
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Payroll Links
  • Database Administration.

4Q Business

The Business product extends the functionality as the Core product beyond basic accounting to Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory management. Built on top of 4Q Core's general accounting framework 4Q Business provides front-office features that include:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Sales Entry, Invoicing, and Shipping
  • Purchases, Purchase Orders, and Receiving
  • Inventory with multi-warehousing and multi-level BOM

    4Q Business provides a complete light-manufacturing sales and inventory system that supports the sale of labor, tracking of sales commissions, multiple taxes, pricing, costing, contract pricing, and quantity packaging.


This module is optional for closed code versions only -- it is provided with all source code versions of the product. 4Q's high-powered multi-currency system is designed for businesses doing extensive trade in multiple currencies. It supports:

  • Integrated currency conversion.
  • Complete exchange rate histories.
  • Buy, sell, average and an unlimited number of rate type for every currency.
  • Separate allowable time periods, rate age limits, rate change limits for each currency.
  • Reassignable realized and unrealized currency gain/loss accounts.
  • Full dual-currency tracking.

    All foreign currency account balances and transaction details are stored in both foreign and system base currencies through all areas of the system including inventory, sales, GL, and financial reporting.


Additional features and services include:

  • Source code licenses for either the Core or Full version that are built to facilitate the addition of your own 4D database, or the modification of the 4th Quarter products to your standards.
  • Payroll data import from 3rd party payroll software. 4Q can be configured to support any GL Payroll system.
  • 4Q Application Program Interface enabling separate programs to pass accounting data into 4th Quarter.
  • Custom reporting through the 4th Dimension programming environments.
  • Web Extension can be accomplished using any of several strategies and programming tools.
  • Additional User Licenses are available to extend the basic 2-user license. Quantity prices are available.
  • Installation, customization and project management done by our 4Q Certified programmers.

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