4th Quarter® Demo Tours

  Quick-Time Tours

The following QuickTime movies are each 3 to 10 minutes long. They display live recordings of of the actual 4th Quarter application along with a running audio track explaining what is shown on-screen.

Clicking on any of the QuickTime movie icons will open and play the selected movie in a separate window on your computer. Your internet connection must be at least 33.6 K in order for these movies to stream smoothly. The movies are not saved on your hard disk.

If you have trouble viewing these movies, and you have the QuickTime Player on your machine, then you can download the movies first and view them locally.

To download a movie using Netscape click on the movie icon and hold down the mouse button until a popup window appears. Chose the "Save this link..." option and save the file in "source" form to your hard disk. In Internet Explorer click the movie icon and hold the mouse button down until the popup window appears. Select the "Download link to disk" option to save the movie to your hard disk. Double-clicking a downloaded movie will launch the QuickTime Player and begin the movie.

Interface Basics

Introduces 4th Quarter's graphic user interface. The common features of data list, data entry, and dialog screens are emphasized. The approach to common tasks, like searching, sorting, and reporting, is demonstrated.

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Chart of Accounts 

Covers 4th Quarter's two-level account structure consisting of GL accounts and journal accounts. Demonstrates assigning journals, creating accounts, viewing account history.

Accounts Receivable

Covers access to accounts on Receivable Journals, tools for reviewing outstanding items, and procedures for receiving payments. Demonstrates 4Q's method of allowing for dynamic allocation of payments to items owed.


Reviews some of the different ways of entering and viewing transactions. Covers the role of transaction templates for automating the entry of recurring transactions.

General Ledger

Demonstrates the flexibility of managing the General Ledger posting process. This includes setting the posting range, posting new entries, and viewing the details of past postings on-screen and through reports.

Cash Accounting

Covers accessing cash accounts performing cash related tasks. These include check printing, deposits and withdrawals, and account reconciliation.

Financial Reports

Demonstrates 4Q's Financial Report Writer that allows for batch printing, creation of public and private reports, drill-down, interactive searching and sorting and the printing of any selection of details.

Item Pricing

Demonstrates the specification of inventory item pricing schedules and customer contract prices, how an item can support many schedules and customers, and the different ways that pricing can be handled.


Live Tours

Braided Matrix offers a 45 minute tour of our demo software for only $55.00. The 4th Quarter presentation is done over the phone and computer simultaneously. You may submit questions in advance. Call (877) 988-1099 for details or to schedule a tour.

If you have questions, then please contact us.

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