Custom Systems

MFM™ technology enables 4th Quarter® products to be reconfigured, reprogrammed, and have major elements of the program completely replaced with business components of your own design.

This modularity is rooted deep in the architecture of 4th Quarter. It extends across all levels and all functions of the application. The MFM design enables us to provide the whole 4Q Core accounting engine as it's own product, separate from any particular business system.

This flexibility provides you with unprecedented level of customizability. We can add or modify screens, menus, functions and data at your request. With a source code license you have the ability to make these changes yourself.

True Customization

4th Quarter is powerful and flexible enough to handle any type of debts, sales, or services. It allows you to integrate complex processes such as three-party contracts, contingent agreements, and rule-based transactions. You can modify our business interface, or have us help you link 4th Quarter to your existing application. This true customization offers you infinitely more than the reconfiguration provided byother packages.

4 Steps to your Custom 4Q Solution

Braided Matrix, Inc. has devised a 4-step approach to customizing 4Q Accounting Solution. We are available to oversee the customization process through all four steps, or to assist you at any point along the way. We also offer 4D programmers source code training and materials to facilitate the customization and installation of 4th Quarter.

Step 1: Analysis

This initial step involves laying out initial design specifications based on interviews to determine the client's needs and a review of the current system. This step yields a broad design outline, and rough time and cost estimates for the customization.

Step 2: Specifications

Step 2 moves from the initial specifications to a detailed plan revealing how the customized system will function and how it is to be implemented. This phase is based on more detailed information-gathering about the client's business. It entails a thorough mapping of what files are to be used , how they are to be linked together, and what additional code will need to be created in order to meet the specifications of the business. This step yields a detailed blueprint for the system's structure, function and implementation, as well as a more accurate time and cost estimate.

Step 3: Implementation

Step 3 involves implementing the blueprint by customizing 4Q's code, creating custom extensions, modifying existing files and linking existing 4D software to the system. Our approach during this stage includes incremental testing, and accommodates ongoing changes to the design. At the end of this step the finished system is ready for installation.

Step 4: Installation

The final step involves formatting and importing existing data into the new system in stages, followed by testing, debugging and user training and support.

Please email Braided Matrix for details on how 4th Quarter can support your system's needs.

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