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4th Quarter® Accounting is a high-end, full-featured, compilable, multi-user accounting application written in the 4th Dimension programming language. 4th Quarter can run "out of the box" without any modification, but is specifically designed for those who require fully modifiable source code for extensive customization.

Our unique package is for unique businesses -- ones grossing 5-50 million dollars in sales per year that want to integrate business, management, inventory, sales and accounting into a single, multi-user application. Streamline your business operations with a 4th Quarter application tailored to your specific business needs.

Two Packages to choose from:


The tool to use when you want to add your own business interface to the complete suite of accounting functions listed below.

Core Plus

Adds Customer and Vendor files to the 4Q Core package. Customers and vendors are linked to core accounting for sales and purchases, but there is no inventory in this version.


This full package supports complex order and inventory management and contains all the functions listed below. Use the business interface provided as a template for your own customization.

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4th Quarter's features include:

Core Accounting Functions

  • Chart of Accounts: features separate General Ledger and Operations Accounts.
  • AR and AP: supports any manner of allocation for any set of payable and receivable accounts.
  • Cash and Checking: allows an unlimited number of cash accounts.
  • Financial Reporting: stores an unlimited number of user-customizable templates.
  • Multi-currency: dual currency support for unlimited multiple currencies, prices, rates, and rate histories.
  • DB Administration: includes tools for data archiving, program configuring, and user authorization.

Core Plus Accounting Functions

  • Customers and Vendors: can be assigned to common or individual accounts.
  • Sales and Purchase transactions: supports 12 different sales and purchase transaction types.
  • Sales Tax Rates: an unlimited number of rates and juridictions plus support for VAT.

Full Accounting Functions

  • Payroll: offers easy import of CheckMark Software's cross-platform "Payroll" application.
  • Order Entry: includes invoices, purchase orders, cash sales, purchases, refunds, and more.
  • Sale Reps: including various commission schedules.
  • Inventory: enables easy customization of price and cost levels, lot tracking, true LIFO and FIFO costing.
  • Inventory Pricing Contracts: special pricing schedules for selected customer override general inventory price schedules.

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Systems based on 4th Quarter Accounting:

  • Work more efficiently than a combination of off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Are implemented more quickly and last longer than a completely custom-built solution.
  • Cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less to implement than a custom solution.
  • Are easier to modify and upgrade than other custom solutions.

4th Quarter's benefits also include:

  • Increased output.
  • Better management and control.
  • Ability to raise the quality of the services you provide.
  • Lower inventory in stock and uncollected receivables.
  • Streamlined operations.



Support for an unlimited number of currencies, currency types, and exchange rates. Home currencies defined for each account and each financial report. Each transaction is recorded in both the home and foreign currency.

4th Quarter lends itself to the development of vertical market products. Please email Braided Matrix or call us at 845-657-6411 to learn more about 4th Quarter's unique features and benefits.

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