Open Source Code

OPEN SOURCE 4th Quarter® has been designed to provide an open source platform for the development of accounting-based business systems. It is unique in this regard because such a product could not be developed until we invented the methods required to accomplish this.

Every level of 4th Quarter, from the patented structure of the data, to the program code and the graphical user interface, has been designed to support a maintainable system that is both powerful and customizable.

The core accounting system is sufficiently generic to handle the accounting needs of any mid-sized business with little, if any, need for customization. And while the full 4Q suite requires no customization, its greatest strength lies the ability that support customization in any of its areas, at a variety of levels, using a range of proprietary tools and structures.

If you want an automated control system, and your business delivers unique value, then you will benefit from a system that can be customized to match your unique services. To remain competitive and to respond quickly as your business grows you must have an information system that can evolve.

The 4th Quarter platform, with its suite of configuration and customization options, provides the widest range of deployment options, the highest ability to evolve after installation, the lowest risk, and the lowest costs of any system available.

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