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QuickTime Movies

Click here to access our set of short, streaming QuickTime movies that provide an animated tours of 4Q's basic area.

Document Tours

The following titles are linked to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents that provide illustrated, step-by-step demonstrations of particular common tasks.

4Q Accounting-Printed Tour

Step-by-step, screen-oriented tour of 4th Quarter's handling of some basic accounting operations.

4Q Inventory-Printed Tour

Step-by-step, screen-oriented tour of 4th Quarter's handling of some basic inventory operations.

4Q's Dynamic Allocation-AR & AP

Short description of dynamic allocation. A feature which allows you to redistribute partial allocations at any time.

4Q's Virtual Invoices

Short description of 4Q's "Virtual Invoice", which is 4Q's way of centralizing all order-related events into a single, controlling form.

 Screen Shots

A short document with several pages of screen shots from the 4th Quarter application.

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Screen Shots

4th Quarter applications support multiple user areas, resizeable windows, and multi-page screens. You can audit multiple journals, transaction histories, and GL account entries on-screen simultaneously in separate windows.

Because it's possible to open a nearly unlimited number of windows we have designed our screens by embedding action buttons on each screen, rather than forcing users to rely on a complex, ever-changing set of menu items.

4th Quarter supports over 40 different seamlessly integrated modules with nearly 1,000 different screens. Each user can assign each module a different color scheme.

Here are a few examples that illustrate the clean, powerful design of our graphical interface.

Control Screens

4th Quarter offers you the choice of four control screens: menu view, list view, map view, and bar view.

These control screens provide centralized access to all areas of 4th Quarter.

Access to individual area can be restricted to specific users or specific groups of users.

(Click a screen shot to view a full-sized image.)


Cash Entry Screen

Enter deposits and withdrawals through the Cash Entry screen.

The Cash Entry has both simple and extended versions that are accessed using the tabs at the top of the entry area.

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A/R Account

Receive funds and allocate to outstanding items. Assess finance charges. Create, modify, view, print items past and present.

Customer List

View, search, sort, select customers. Add, modify, delete customers. Print reports, create and customize reports.

Invoice Line Items Screen

4th Quarter implements a "virtual invoice", that is a comprehensive record of sales, order, shipment, and return histories.

Printed invoices are generate from the virtual invoice by specifying particular shipments or consolidating multiple shipments.

The virtual invoice does away with the need for separate quotes, back orders and credit memos. All of these are handled by the virtual invoice.

The Invoice entry screen has separate pages for specifying the customer, the line items, and items to be returned.

Invoice can individually set to display items in either a stock-item or service-item format.

Line items in stock-item format.

Line items in service-item format.

(Click a screen shot to view a full-sized image.)

Maintenance Screen

The Maintenance screen provides central access to a dozen other administrator areas used to set up, tune, and configure the program.

4th Quarter's Maintenance screen provides access to:

  • Multi-user and multigroup password system;
  • General and user-specific preference settings;
  • Administrator control over user's ability to make sensitive changes;
  • Reassignment of default accounts;
  • Database maintenance, usage reports, and tuning features;
  • Archiving and restoring accounts and transactions.

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