Most businesses come to us because they have outgrown their existing systems. They need to be free of current limitations and move to the next level.

Your accounting system can be the linchpin that keeps your business struggling to catch up to changing technology, or enables your business to grow. At Braided Matrix we have worked with dozens of business in transition. We know the uncertainties involved and the need for flexible yet secure options.

Because of this we have designed 4th Quarter® to provide a scalable solution:

We serve businesses who are in transition from small to a medium sized companies.

4th Quarter can run as a single user, standard accounting system or as the core of a comprehensive, enterprise-wise multi-site, multi-user management system.

  • 4th Quarter is designed for growth. It's multiple levels of modular structure enable you to evolve whatever area of your business is the most critical. 4Q allows you to preserve your existing system, and the data it contains, while you develop and expand the system.
  • Moving to a new accounting system is a significant, committing step. A clear understanding of both the benefits and risks of a new system are necessary for any future strategy.

If you're considering upgrading your system, then consultation is the first step. We can help you at two levels.

Contact Braided Matrix to learn more of the options provided by the 4th Quarter platform. You can reach us by phone at (845) 657 - 6411or contact us by email.

Contact our associates at Objective Systems for review of hardware and human resources that will be needed to support the system you have in mind, as well as cost estimates and time-frame projections for the whole project. You can reach Objective Systems at (703) 486-0550, or contact them by email.

We can open the vistas of opportunity.

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