Database Design & the Source Code Option

You do not need to customize 4th Quarter®.

All 4Q products, the Core, and the Business versions are complete systems that are ready to run. All they need is your chart of accounts and your accounting parameters (posting period, fiscal year,etc.) and they are ready to provide you with a complete accounting system.

4th Quarter source code is licensed only to those people who need either to customize the products, or to integrate the accounting engine into a preexisting custom database.

4th Quarter offers you the 4Q Application Program Interface (API) as an intermediate option for customizing the program. This in-between option lies between closed compiled and open source code. 4Q's APIs let you connect and control the 4Q accounting program from a separate 4D-based application of your own design.

The APIs turn 4Q into a "robot" that you can seamlessly integrate with software that's completely under your control. By using the APIs you don't have to license 4Q's open source code or modify any of 4Q's inner workings.

When you license 4th Quarter Accounting Solution source code, you may either choose to customize the package yourself, or hire us to do the job.


Before you even purchase 4th Quarter, Braided Matrix can provide you with:

  • Basic project specs and a rough cost estimate, based on an initial description of your business.
  • Detailed project specs and implementation plan, based on a thorough understanding of how your business actually operates.

Accounting dovetails with business operations in a regular and predetermined fashion. We are familiar with how you will use 4th Quarter for your business even though your business may be unfamiliar. We can:

  • Quickly assess your readiness for an integrated solution.
  • Give you a broad outline of the steps ahead.

If you are uncertain about how 4th Quarter can work to create the most powerful system for your business, then call us now at (845) 657-6411 or contact us by email.

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