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4th Quarter® Mailing Lists

Braided Matrix offers these mailing lists for users and prospects of 4th Quarter Accounting Solution.

4Q NUG--This list is to discuss operations and use of 4Q.
Subscribers can share information and tips, and ask questions about the software. To subscribe, simply click on this link and leave the body of the email blank.

4Q Newsletter--Click this link to open our newsletter subscription form. The newsletter is sent every month and includes news about new features and future projects.

For help subscribing send a message to with the word help in the subject area.

Application Support

Once your 4th Quarter system is up and running support is critica. Braided Matrix offers you:

  • Installation: client/server software, network connectivity, administration, end-user setup.
  • Training: end-user training, creating documentation, database management.
  • Custom Programming: adding new data, creating new functions, report writing.

Braided Matrix also offers Annual Upgrade Programs that provide:

  • Tech support provided via phone, fax, email or on-site.
  • Product updates and bug fixes.
  • Tech notes and news updates.

User Support

Ongoing support can be provided either remotely or at your site. Your own network and database administration efforts can be developed or supplemented through a support contract with our associates at Objective Systems. Contact them at (703) 486-0550 or by email for a quote.

Braided Matrix, Inc. offers some of its services on an hourly basis, and others according to a fixed-cost schedule. Refer to our price schedule for current prices.

Please contact Braided Matrix if you would like to know more about how we can help you customize 4th Quarter Accounting Solution to suit your unique business needs.

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